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The introduction in the customs register of trademarks

The introduction in the customs register of trademarks

The service is designed for anyone who wants to protect their means of identification from the appearance of counterfeit products on the territory of Ukraine.

The Foundation of this service – making intellectual property a special customs register for further protection by the Customs service.

This includes such protections as anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting and parallel imports.

Customs authorities are entitled to detain questionable shipments up to 2 weeks to determine the reasons and grounds for its introduction.

Our advantages

individual approach and the implementation of regular communications with Customs to protect Your brand for an unlimited period of time.

The result of this service

You get a guarantee that the appearance on the border of the goods with Your trademark, the customs authorities will check the legality of their receipt, and will contact You or with an authorized law firm to be authorized if such imports.

The service consists of the following steps:

  • Preparation of an application and documents for submission to the customs service.
  • The receipt of the decision on inclusion of object in the register of customs.
  • The office work on appeals of the Customs service about the possibility of unauthorized importation of goods.
  • A notice of a possible violation of Your rights by providing strategies for action.

Terms of rendering services:

Not more than 3 months before inclusion in the registry. The period of follow-up work with the Customs service - by agreement of the parties.