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International patenting

International patenting

Companies planning to use the developed technical solution, the formula of the drug or another IP object outside Ukraine, do not forget that a patent right is territorial – that is, valid only on the territory of the country where the patent.

Our advantages

  • Lawyers working in the field of protection of intellectual property;
  • cooperation with the Ukrpatent and international bodies the invention.
  • experts in international law know the intricacies of patent laws of different countries;
  • the choice of effective tools of protection of IP assets, subject to legislative specifics in different countries;
  • to optimize the procedure and time for obtaining of legal protection of objects of industrial property;
  • implementation of the patent search and preparation of the conclusion about possibility of registration.

There is an international application procedure for a patent in several countries. This system was developed in the patent cooperation Treaty (PCT).

The international application is filed with the International Bureau of the world organization for intellectual property (WIPO IB) through the Ukrainian Patent office. Thanks to this application you can obtain a patent in 148 countries.

In addition, there are regional patents such as European and Eurasian. It is possible to obtain a European patent valid in EU countries, through PCT (first obtain an international application, which is then transferred to patenting in the European patent office) or by submitting an application directly to the European patent office. The European patent will be valid in the territory of the 28 countries.

Service on patenting of any object includes:

  • Familiarization with the subject matter;
  • Analysis of prospects and develop optimal solutions;
  • Preparing the international application for the registration of the given object;
  • The international application filed with Rospatent and amendment;
  • Tracking status of actions examinations international Bureau of the world intellectual property organization;
  • When necessary, challenge decisions of civil servants of Rospatent;
  • Getting a patent document.

You will be able to:

  • law enforcement documents – patent for invention or utility model in several countries;
  • new intangible asset that will improve the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the company in the market. You will be able to expand the market of goods or services.