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International trademark registration

International trademark registration

Service is relevant for those who plan to take their product or their services on the international market under the same trademark in Russia.

Our advantages

  • Our lawyers work with patent offices;
  • efficiency in providing required information;
  • the international legal experts who know the intricacies of patent laws of different countries, are fluent in foreign languages and legal vocabulary;
  • the possibility of a successful trademark registrations in almost all countries of the world;
  • consulting support and correspondence with the patent offices of foreign countries;
  • the implementation of "search" and providing a conclusion about the possibility of registration of the trademark in a particular country or group of countries within a month.

Options for obtaining international trademark protection:

  • The applicant may submit applications in each patent office of the country where it expects to obtain protection of its trademark. This option is the most time consuming, expensive and inconvenient due to the fact that each state has its own peculiarities of patent law. You will have to search in every state of the patent offices and qualified lawyers.
  • Regional trademark registration. For example, the Trademark of the European Union (Community Trade Mark, CTM). This registration will provide you with legal protection in all 28 countries of the European Union. Registration in accordance with the procedure CTM takes 8 to 12 months.In addition, there are the African regional system for the registration of trademarks – ARIPO and OAPI.
  • Trademark registration under the Madrid system. This gives you the opportunity to register a trademark almost simultaneously in the 95 member countries of the Madrid Union. The application for registration is filed through a national patent office, which is sent to the international Bureau. In fact, instead of 95 national applications You file one application, in one language, with payment of one fee. Registration under the Madrid system takes 12 or 18 months, depending on the country.

Service includes:

  • Consultation of the client, selecting the most appropriate kind of registration of the trademark abroad.
  • The preparation of the necessary documentation and its submission to the relevant authorities.
  • Support on the stages of the examinations.
  • Obtaining certificates of registration in various countries.
  • We conduct a patent search and provide an opinion on the possibility of registration within one month.

Using this service, You get:
  • Register and protect your trademark in foreign countries that You choose.
  • The ability to display your product or service, under its trademark to the world market.
Terms of rendering services

Is determined individually