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Family lawyer

Family lawyer

Family lawyer - assistance in the implementation of the divorce through the courts, dissolution of marriage, payment and alimony.

Practice in the modern world of family relations is based not so much on the way of building harmony and a carefully considered business approach. Because of the impermanence of marriage, the divorce rate increased, and the interests of the parties when dividing property or preserve the rights of the child to protect difficult. It is here that will help the lawyer on family Affairs because it will provide a solution to the problem in favor of the client in a very short time.

Naturally, each independently chooses a strategy of protection, so many people mistakenly refuse legal aid. But with careful thought, the only question the involvement of a qualified lawyer in family court will be the real guarantee for a positive result, especially when the issue price is their own child.

The very right to promptly contact a family lawyer as the divorce problem, a variety of: the division of property and alimony disputes can be resolved before resorting to court. Divorce lawyer and family matters with proper assessment of the situation can lead the client and, accordingly, the procedural parties to the settlement agreement, mutually beneficial to both parties.

To protect the points of contention in a divorce is a difficult task. It is necessary to collect a lot of evidence as to why or on what basis belongs to the common property, subject to whether it will before marriage or have already been acquired in his period.

A divorce through the courts without the presence and participation of the spouses, divorce division of property, divorce unilaterally. Divorce proceedings are a matter of what we do from day to day.

The services of a lawyer in family court

    • consultation of the lawyer on family Affairs;
    • the dissolution of the marriage, including, if the spouses have common minor children, in case of disagreement of one of spouses to dissolution of marriage;
    • division of joint property of spouses;
    • recovery of maintenance for children before and after 18 years, the spouse;
    • the establishment of the legal facts associated with family relationships;
    • the establishment of guardianship;
    • the annulment of the marriage;
    • the adoption of children;
    • the determination of the place of residence of children after separation of the spouses;
    • deprivation or restriction of parental rights;
    • the establishment and contestation of paternity;
    • determination of the order of participation in the upbringing of a child separately living spouse;
    • the establishment or denial of paternity/maternity;
    • the establishment of all property acquired by spouses during marriage;
    • a decrease or increase in the size of the alimony;
    • exemption from payment of the alimony;
    • the penalty for failure to pay alimony;
    • a criminal prosecution for failure to pay alimony;
    • foreclosure on the property of the defaulter of the alimony;
    • recognition of marriage contract invalid;
    • the recognition of transactions on alienation of joint property of spouses is invalid.
    • the eviction of the former spouse from apartment
    • the differences connected with the adoption of a child;
    • other categories of family disputes in courts.

    The divorce papers:

    • Certificate of marriage;

    • If you have children, birth certificates for each child;

    How can we help you if you have a divorce?

    A divorce in court without the presence and participation of the spouses to resolve all related divorce issues: division of property, recovery of alimony, determination of the place of residence of the child, determination of order of communication with the child, the deregistration of the former spouse and others.

    Lawyer for family Affairs Kharkov - Divorce court, Divorce, Alimony and divorce division of property.

    A lawyer in family court may conduct a trial WITHOUT YOUR PARTICIPATION! This form of litigation in family matters is often used by clients who do not wish to meet with their former spouses in court that reliably protects them from negative emotions during the consideration of a family dispute in court.

    The lawyer and the lawyer on family Affairs in the event of litigation will develop the legal position of a lawyer in family dispute in court, prepare the necessary procedural documents. Also, if you need a lawyer in family court will gather all the necessary evidence in the case and will take all necessary steps sufficient to resolve the family dispute in favor of the Trustee at 100%.