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Heritage Advocate

Heritage Advocate inheritance

Inheritance is the transfer of rights and obligations (inheritance) from a deceased person (testator) to other persons (heirs).

In terms of the inheritance, when the family mountain brewing passions, there is a large number of questions, confusing answers, and quite controversial moments, which are very difficult to understand yourself.

Despite the established by legislation order and regulation of the lines of action of the heirs in exercising their rights of inheritance, not always legal regulation over such relations is guaranteed by collateral one hundred percent respect for the rights of the interested parties in matters of inheritance.

Very often, neglect of the heirs to the established by law procedure and procedure of appropriate action with respect to the hereditary property, ultimately lead to the loss of legal rights to inheritance.

Legal practice in the area of inheritance claims that the issue of registration of inheritance by will or by law, often accompanied by a huge number of contradictions and misunderstandings that are difficult, and in some cases almost impossible to solve properly without the assistance of a qualified expert in the field of law.

A lawyer by inheritance

  • oral and written legal advice of an estate planning attorney on the following issues: the opening of the inheritance, the mandatory share in the inheritance, inheritance, queue of heirs and inheritance by right of representation, inheritance disabled dependants, the procedure for acceptance of inheritance, renunciation of inheritance, partition of inherited property, inheritance, business and corporate rights, life annuity, gift, taxation of inherited property, inheritance by will, inheritance by law, the definition of shares, reducing the share of the inheritance, the timing of entry into the inheritance, recognition of a person deceased, preparation of wills, legacies, gift agreements, lifelong maintenance of a dependent, agreements on the division of inherited property, the calculation of the share due to him of an heir in probate;
  • legal assistance and probate after the death testator''s "turnkey": collection of necessary documents for registration of inheritance and state registration of rights of ownership, inheritance, recovery of lost documents and duplicate title documents for the property, representation of interests at the notary, negotiating with the other heirs on issues of property division and determination of share of estate, probate and obtaining a Certificate of right to inheritance, representation of interests in the registration bodies, full legal support of procedures of entry into the inheritance and maintenance of the inheritance of business and corporate rights, the restoration of the lost documents, issue of duplicates of documents confirming kinship with the deceased, seizure of the inherited property, probate to a non-resident of Ukraine;
  • protection and representation in court: recognition of ownership by inheritance to land, apartment, house, car, objects of incomplete construction, the land share (Pai), establishment of facts of legal significance, the recognition in court of a person as dead, the elimination of inheritance, disputes over inheritance of a participant in a business entity, property division, which is in General compatible property, recognition of the will invalid, the recognition of property rights to inheritance, amendments to the certificate of inheritance, division of inheritance, the recognition of the heir restoration of the period for acceptance of inheritance (establishment of the additional period for filing the statement of acceptance of the inheritance), recognition of the will invalid; division of the inherited property in a judicial procedure;
  • the establishment of a legal fact in court: the establishment of a legal fact of acceptance of inheritance, the establishment of the legal fact of being dependent on the testator; establishing a legal fact of succession, establishing the legal fact of residence of one family, the establishment of a legal fact of kinship or family relations, the recognition of the compulsory share of inheritance;
  • additional services in the framework of the registration of inheritance (protection of inherited property, legal support of sale and inheritance.


Hereditary lawyer arranges:

  • the inheritance of the house
  • the inheritance of land (land share)
  • legacy of the apartment
  • the inheritance of non-residential premises
  • the inheritance of the garage
  • the heritage on the car
  • inheritance in cash (Bank Deposit, insurance payments, wages, pensions, alimony)
  • inheritance trademarks, patents inherited the business (shares, shares in the company)

A lawyer for probate is required if:

  • You intend to make a will. Free legal advice on probate cases will help you choose the best form of abandonment of the property.
  • You need to declare the will invalid.
  • You have to join the right of inheritance.
  • There was a controversial situation about the inheritance of real estate, luxury goods, etc.
  • Need to address issues related to the payment of debts of the person who left you the inheritance.
  • Need to establish facts which have legal significance (fact of relationship, accident, finding dependents, etc.).
  • You must install all of the property which can be inherited.
  • You missed the deadline of entry into the inheritance.
  • You want to install, prepares the testator of the will.
  • The notary refused to you in probate.
  • You want to recognize the right of ownership by inheritance.
  • It is necessary to deprive of an heir the right of inheritance.
  • You want to protect the honor, dignity and business reputation of the testator.
  • You need to establish paternity of the testator and to recognize his child, the right of ownership by inheritance. Recognition for the client's right to a compulsory share.

Often the news of the death of a relative is causing his family such grief that negative emotional background are a sober approach to matters of inheritance. Thus it happens that one of the relatives, being familiar with the nuances of the current legislation, is trying to tackle this situation in their favor. He may try to hide or distort the posthumous the will of the testator in their favor to the detriment of other applicants.

Such situations often occur particularly in the capital and major cities of the country, where a high percentage of legally competent people. So if you feel that the process of acceptance of inheritance is unfair to either one of the candidates starts to Express (even verbally) claim to change their share, most likely you will need a lawyer. After the attempt of the other contenders to challenge the will of the deceased may mean that they have already consulted with lawyers and going to file a lawsuit.

Remember that a qualified attorney probate able to radically change and reverse in your favor in the course of the proceedings. On the other hand, a lawyer might be needed and in that case, if you consider yourself the underdog side. In some situations there is even an opportunity to challenge the will of the testator, so the help of a good lawyer you'll need. As a minimum, you should seek the advice of.

Hereditary lawyer deals with claims under the inheritance and disputed wills. Very often one party tries to prove that the testator when making a will subjected to excessive pressure, he was in a state of mental disorder that the document has no legal force, because its author was a victim of fraud.

Also the estate planning attorney is engaged in negligently drafted wills, disputes with participation of a court bailiff or Trustees, conflicts connected with illegal actions of the principals. In counsel inherited part of a claim on the acts of succession. The petition must be presented to six months since it became known that a violation of the right to property, otherwise the estate.

In the price range of lawyer''s services will be affected:

  • the essence of hereditary issues for which he needed the assistance of a lawyer;

  • tasks;

  • the complexity of the case and its pitfalls;

  • scope of work and other.