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Real estate lawyer

Real estate lawyer

Advocates and Lawyers of our company will help you to solve all questions, lying in the plane of the legal field: from legal advice to represent Your interests in court.

Often in life there are situations when you just need help of professional lawyer – a person who has a thorough knowledge in legislative issues and understands the specifics of how the judicial proceedings. Someone needs to make a claim in court, and someone needs the services of a professional lawyer to represent its interests in court.If You need such services, feel free to contact us and we will happy to help. List of services provided by our lawyers, You can see below.

W-we are proud of our specialists and the wealth of professional experience, which they have. Huge practice of our lawyers is the key to successful solution of Your problems. The range of issues that the lawyers decide, huge, from consulting to Executive production.

We are ready to provide assistance under the key: from the preparation of the claim pending resolution of the proceedings. In addition, our Law office will do other questions not related to judicial practice: the privatization of non-residential premises, conclusion of lease agreement on non-residential premises, legal advice. The presence of a staff of professionals allows us to solve a universal problem.

Counsel on real estate:

  • Advice, both oral and written, including online.
  • Legal audit of documents on the basis of which will be involved in the operation.
  • Participation in negotiations with transaction parties.
  • Assistance in state registration of immovable property.
  • Assistance in transferring of premises from residential to nonresidential and Vice versa.
  • Preparation of procedural documents for appeal to the court.
  • Protection of the interests of the principal in the proceedings.
  • Appeal against court decisions in appellate, cassation and Supervisory instances.

When you want the assistance of a lawyer lawyer

  • Need to part with your spouse and share your existing estate.
  • If disputes with neighbours had to endure unbearable and we need to make a legal decision.
  • If you have already made the redevelopment, and to legitimize on its own for some reason does not work.
  • Need to transfer property from one category to another (from non-residential to residential, for example).
  • In the event of a dispute with the management company, need to report her actions or, conversely, inaction.
  • Have questions on mortgage lending.
  • Legal support of real estate transactions when you need to arrange the sale or other transaction, to register the rights at the relevant authority.
  • You need a competent representative of their interests in authorities and in court.
  • You need to consult in the sale, lease, donation of land.
  • You need to make a deal with the earth.
  • In the case when you need to lease available housing to rent or to shoot, and risks to self-assess is difficult.
  • Have any questions related to privatization.
  • Appeared the dispute over the inheritance.
  • It is necessary to challenge the inheritance in court or to admit the unworthy heir.

In the event of disputes involving real estate, or, if necessary, the usual advice is to contact the lawyer for the estate, and not, for example, the realtor. Often citizens are confused these professionals. The realtor is interested to find the object and commit the transaction, and, in the pursuit of fee, often tries to make it as fast as possible to the detriment of the client. The task of a real estate attorney is to protect interests of the client, and not the speedy conclusion of the case on any terms. The lawyer deals with issues related to real estate at all stages: from signing the contract to trial.

Kharkiv Lawyer real estate lawyer consultation

The possible consequences of refusing the services of a real estate attorney

Rarely do Property disputes without trial, and therefore, the assistance of a real estate attorney in this situation will be necessary and desirable.

Regardless of whether you need comprehensive service or one-time consultation, even just a recommendation and advice, contact us and you quickly and at an affordable price get quality and professional help. You will be given full range and volume of services to protect your rights and interests in real estate.

In any case you should not save money trying to do a deal with the estate without involving a lawyer. Believe that the benefits from the help of such a specialist as a real estate lawyer will significantly surpass your needs. Miser pays twice: not checking the purity of the transaction or the legal status of the owner, you may incur much more financial loss, and to minimize the damage from ill-considered decisions would be difficult even for a qualified attorney.

That is why it is best to contact the law firm at the time when you are just planning a real estate transaction that will allow you to avoid adverse effects.

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